Ukraine Hilfe

Ukraine support in Steglitz-Zehlendorf

We really appreciate the great interest and activism and would like to support your willingness to help. At the moment there are only few concrete ways to help in the district, so we hope you stay with us for a bit. We are monitoring the situation, updating the incoming offers and we will let you know where and when help is needed. It is important to build up a good structure first so that the support is sustainable. Short-term help is very important and good. But we also need people who are committed long term to ensure refugees not only arrive safely but can built a home. Anyone who would like to get involved can register in our Ukraine Aid database. Its a tool to collect offers and match them with the actual needs. Please note, that it might take some time for us (and the district) to match you.

Interested? Simply follow the link to the registration form:

Other support options:

arrival support

A lot of people arrive at Berlin Central Station on special trains/busses. Warm drinks, arrival packages and information are passed on there. There are already many helpers.

Please do not go to the Central station.

If you want to help, please check with existing structures first, otherwise there will be unnecessary chaos or overload. A list of options is available under „Arrival Support Berlin“ here:


show solidarity

There are many ways to show solidarity with people or a cause. Especially in an increasingly digital world. Please keep in mind: ALL refugees need and deserve support, no matter where they come from. There are currently many concrete ways to support refugees from countries other than Ukraine. Check here.

Take it to the streets and demonstrate.

Make social media posts (and link people with responsibility in them).

Write comments for magazines. 

Support particularly vulnerable groups:

Russian LGBTQI in Germany

Evacuation of people affected by racism

provide accommodation

In order to ensure social services like health insurance etc. it is important that all arriving people always register at one of the arrival centers! Taking people in long term is rarely possible, so please consider what you can and cannot give beforehand. As a protective measure,  unaccompanied children are not allowed to be taken in. Please contact the clearing office of the State Youth Welfare Office! (

donate money

Cash donations are easier for coordination than donations in kind. Be sure to only endorse legitimate offers.

For town twinning Charkiw:

list of acknowledged organisations:

TU-Berlin help-fond for students and scientists:

Sometimes even cafés or companies donate part of their earnings. Keep your eyes open.

donations in kind

Please check what is actually needed. A lot of people could arrive with a suitcase, in some cases even teir pets. Clothes are mostly not needed. Some places are already overloaded. Needs can change constantly, so please only respond to specific calls for donations. It is very helpful to include a list of items with the donation.



Central collection point is Tempelhof airport. Berlin Central Station can’t take any more donations.

Pilecki Institut MO-FR am Pariser Platz

Spenden Aktion Mo-So, Bündnis 90/Grüne Kreisgeschäftsstelle


We are looking for people who can work as translators in the short and long term. We would also be happy to include you in our pool of translators.


take care of yourself

These are tough times and the situation concerns us all.  If we want to help consistantly, we have to make sure that we are able to do so. This includes, for example, avoiding „doomscrolling“. Please take care.

free numbers of german telephone counseling service:

0800 / 111 0 111
0800 / 111 0 222


„Mutruf“, to deal with panic attacks

04191 – 27 49 28 0

telephone counseling service in russian – Telefon Doweria:

030 44 03 08 454 (available 24/7)

in the district:

Berlin crisis service in Steglitz:

030 390 63 60 (every day from 4pm to midnight)

A good contact point is also the Mittelhof.